Disallow animation and transition less than or equal to 100ms.

禁止 animationtransition 小于或等于 100ms。

a { animation: slip-n-slide 150ms linear; }
/**                         ↑
 *                  This time */

This rule checks transition-duration, transition-delay, animation-duration, animation-delay, and those times as they manifest in the transition and animation shorthands.

该规则检查 transition-durationtransition-delayanimation-durationanimation-delay 和出现在 transitionanimation 缩写中的时间。



The following patterns are considered warnings:


a { animation: 80ms; }
a { transition-duration: 0.08s; }
a { transition: background-color 6ms linear; }
a { animation: horse-dance 1s linear 0.01s; }

The following patterns are not considered warnings:


a { animation: 8s; }
a { transition-duration: 0.8s; }
a { transition: background-color 600ms linear; }
a { animation: horse-dance 1s linear 1.3s; }