Disallow vendor prefixes for selectors.


input::-moz-placeholder {}
/**     ↑
 * These prefixes */

This rule does not blanketly condemn vendor prefixes. Instead, it uses Autoprefixer's up-to-date data (from caniuse.com) to know whether a vendor prefix should cause a warning or not. If you've included a vendor prefixed selector that has a standard alternative, one that Autoprefixer could take care of for you, this rule will warn about it. If, however, you use a non-standard vendor-prefixed selector, one that Autoprefixer would ignore and could not provide, this rule will ignore it.

该规则并不全面否定浏览器引擎前缀。相反,它使用 Autoprefixer's 更新最新数据(从 caniuse.com)来查看一个浏览器引擎前缀是否会引起警告。如果你使用了一个标准的浏览器引擎前缀,Autoprefixer 将会为你处理,该规则将发出警告,然而,如果你使用了一个非标准的浏览器引擎前缀,Autoprefixer 会忽略它,无法提供处理 (比如 -webkit-touch-callout),该规则将忽略这个属性。



The following patterns are considered warnings:


input::-moz-placeholder {}
:-webkit-full-screen a {}

The following patterns are not considered warnings:


input::placeholder {}
:full-screen a {}