Specify a whitelist of allowed properties.


a { display: block; }
/** ↑
 * These properties */

This rule ignores variables ($sass, @less, --custom-property).

该规则忽略变量 ($sass@less--custom-property)。


array|string: ["array", "of", "unprefixed", "properties" or "regex"]|"property"|"/regex/"

If a string is surrounded with "/" (e.g. "/^background/"), it is interpreted as a regular expression. This allows, for example, easy targeting of shorthands: /^background/ will match background, background-size, background-color, etc.

如果一个字符串被 "/" (如,"/^background/") 包围,它将被解释为一个正则表达式。例如,这将允许简单地匹配简写: /^background/ 将匹配 backgroundbackground-sizebackground-color 等。



["display", "animation", "/^background/"]

The following patterns are considered warnings:


a { color: pink; }
a {
  animation: my-animation 2s;
  color: pink;
a { borkgrund: orange; }

The following patterns are not considered warnings:


a { display: block; }
a { -webkit-animation: my-animation 2s; }
a {
  animation: my-animation 2s;
  -webkit-animation: my-animation 2s;
  display: block;
a { background: pink; }
a { background-color: pink; }