Disallow browser hacks that are irrelevant to the browsers you are targeting.

禁用与你使用的浏览器无关的 browser hacks。

h1 { _color: white; }
/**  ↑                 
 * Hacks like this */

If you are uncertain what "browser hacks" are, "An Introduction to Browser-Specific Hacks" explains it well.

如果你不确定什么是 browser hacks,可以去看这篇文章"An Introduction to Browser-Specific Hacks"

This rule uses stylehacks to detect the hacks. Then, in the spirit of stylelint, it tells you that you've done something wrong. If instead you would like to automatically remove browser hacks, use stylehacks directly.

该规则使用stylehacks来检测 hack。然后,stylelint 会告诉你那里出错了。如果你想自动删除 browser hacks,就直接使用stylehacks

stylehacks is only compatible with standard CSS syntax, and does not support nested properties nor custom property sets.

stylehacks只兼容标准的 CSS 语法,不支持嵌套属性和自定义属性集。

Bugs and feature requests should be reported on the stylehacks issue tracker.

如果遇到 bug 或要提请新特性,请发stylehacks issue tracker



Defaults to the browserslist default, which targets modern browsers.

默认为 browserslist 的默认值,目标是所有现代浏览器。

The following patterns are considered warnings:


a { color/*\**/: pink\9; }

As this hack targets IE7-8.

因为这个 hack 是针对 IE7-8 的。

#Optional secondary options

#browsers: "browserslist string"

A string interpreted by browserslist that designates precisely which browsers you wish to support. Something like "> 1%, last 2 versions, ie >= 8". For details about the syntax (which is the same as when using Autoprefixer, by the way), please read the browserslist documentation.

这是一个 browserslist 解释的字符串,用来精确指定你想支持哪些浏览器。比如 "> 1%, last 2 versions, ie >= 8"。更多详细语法信息(顺便说一下,同使用 Autoprefixer 是一样的),请阅读the browserslist 文档

If you set browsers: [ "last 2 versions", "ie >=7" ] the hack above is allowed.

如果你设置 browsers: [ "last 2 versions", "ie >=7" ],上面 hack 就可用了。