Specify a whitelist of allowed url schemes.

指定一个允许的 url 协议的白名单。

a { background-image: url('http://www.example.com/file.jpg'); }
/**                        ↑
 *           This url scheme */

A url scheme consists of alphanumeric, +, -, and . characters. It can appear at the start of a url and is followed by :.

一个url 协议由字母,+-. 字符组成。它出现在一个链接的的开始位置,后面紧随着 :

This rule treats url schemes as case insensitive (https and HTTPS are the same).

该规则对 url 协议不区分大小写 (httpsHTTPS 是一样的)。

This rule ignores url arguments without an existing url scheme.

该规则忽略不带 url 协议的 url 参数。

This rule ignores url arguments with variables or variable interpolation ($sass, @less, --custom-property, #{$var}, @{var}, $(var)).

该规则忽略带有变量或变量插值 ($sass@less--custom-property#{$var}@{var}$(var))的 url 参数。


array|string: ["array", "of", "schemes"]|"scheme"



["https", "data"]

The following patterns are considered warnings:


a { background-image: url('http://www.example.com/file.jpg'); }
a { background-image: url('ftp://www.example.com/file.jpg'); }

The following patterns are not considered warnings:


a { background-image: url('https://www.example.com/file.jpg'); }
a { background-image: url('HTTPS://www.example.com/file.jpg'); }
a { background-image: url(''); }
a { background-image: url('example.com/file.jpg'); }
a { background-image: url('/example.com/file.jpg'); }
a { background-image: url('//example.com/file.jpg'); }
a { background-image: url('./path/to/file.jpg'); }